About the Artist // Natalie Osborne


I love creating things.  I loath to throw things away.  And I am obsessed with bikes.

These are the three things that compelled me to tinker with spare bike parts in the garage.

The first piece I produced was a gift for my boyfriend.   His beloved cross bike needed a new drive train, and I rescued the old cogs, crank and chain from the dumpster.  I had no idea what I would do them, but I knew they deserved better than the landfill.   Over the next week, I cleaned the parts and played around with concepts.   The result was my first piece of bike art, and it was received with joy.   It hangs on the wall and when I walk by it, I think of Phil and his beloved cross bike flying through the Alaskan fall leaves and mud.   And it makes me smile.

Bikes bring me happiness.   The least I can do in return is to create art that lives long after their trail days are over.